"50-80% Of Fire Deaths Are Caused By Smoke Inhalation Injuries. Don't Let That Be You!"

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"Smoke Escape Hood is a compact, certified, short term, escape hood designed to buy you that extra 5mins of extra breathing time and improved visibility in a smoke filled burning room"

Affordable, small enough to carry in a purse or jacket pocket and designed to give the wearer eye and respiratory protection during a smoke emergency. Manufactured in Canada, tested in Denmark to the highest EC standards. The only product of it’s kind that has a CE certificate (cert no. DK 0200 PPE 2260). A unique, life saving product that you can’t afford to be without. If you have a smoke alarm at home, then you need this is essential extra to protect you and your family.

England Fire Stats (Yr Ending Sept 2018)

Fires Attended
Total Fatalities
Smoke Fatalities

Inhaling Toxic Smoke Causes More Deaths Than the Fire

If it’s made from combustible material then you can guarantee it will produce thick dark toxic smoke in a fire. How much toxic smoke will depend on the material, the intensity of the fire and how long it’s been burning. Our smoke hood is to provide short term protection and visibility under this scenario.

Fact 1

Long exposure to toxic smoke or carbon monoxide can lead to serious, permanent injury or death

Fact 2

As the fire intensifies both the visibility and the build-up of toxic smoke greatly increases, reducing your chance of escape

Fact 3

Fire and smoke can quickly spread through a building threatening those that may be remote from the source of the fire

Fact 4

The volume of combustible material in a home is steadily on the increase over time. The release of thick, dark toxic smoke is a certainty if a fierce fire were to take hold

Why is this product better than cheaper alternatives?

Easy to carry

The smoke hood will easily fit inside a small handbag, jacket pocket, bed side cabinet or office pedestal and therefore is easy to access when required

Tested & Certified

The CE mark demonstrates the product has been tested to rigorous EU Standards and can be sold in any EU country

Protects Eyes & Respiration

Double protection stops smoke irritating your eyes while giving you that extra 5mins of breathing time to fashion your escape

Made in Canada

None of our competing products have a CE mark or have been made or tested to the standards of our product

Premium Construction

Easy to open packaging, premium nylon bag with an efficient particulate filter ensures reliable protection when you need it most

#1 For short term protection

There is simply no other product on the market that delivers this level of protection in a small convenient portable package

How Does It Work?

1 Simple Device = 5m To Get To Safety

This device is not a substitute for a full respirator. Instead it's a small, compact eye protecting hood with a particulate filter to protect you from smoke for that extra 5mins to make your escape

Simple To Use

Open - Expand - Position - Check - Secure

Here's What's Inside The Package

Vacuum Sealed Smoke Hood

An easy to tear vacuum packed bag to give you a usable life of a full 5 years. The heat & flame resistant material and filter has been vigorously tested to maximise your protection

Detailed Use Instructions

Clear set of easy to follow illustrated instructions and some safety warnings. (see images)

Packaging Card insert

To protect the contents and to reiterate the most important wear instructions

By The Time Smoke Reaches Your Alarm, it could be Too late!

*Offer valid till stock last.


The smoke hood is sealed in a vacuum packed bag marked with an expiry date. The expiry date is 60 months from the manufacture date. Current stock has an expiry date of 1st May 2024.

No! This is a single use item. Once removed from the protective vacuum packed bag the item must be used immediately and can not be stored for future use.

This device can safely be used for 5mins to facilitate your escape. If you are at the top of a tall building, underground or an aircraft your escape may take longer than 5mins. This product does not provide the wearer with a supply of oxygen or breathable air and therefore would not be suitable for use beyond 5mins.

The product needs to be stored between -17C and +107C. The filter and the special formulated heat resistant Nylon bag have been tested at much higher temperatures during use. 

It’s important that the integrity of the bag and filter are maintained during use. To this end removal of jewelry that could catch on the device is critical. Furthermore the effectiveness of the protection during use is determined by the seal around the neck. This could be compromised by very bushy beards or long hair.

The smoke hood has been thoroughly tested by a leading laboratory in Denmark against a stringent European Standard, widely adopted by the rest of the world. This is a short-term use device designed and tested to provide up to 5 mins of protection. It should not be used outside these parameters.